Hi! I’m so glad you are here!  I know that trying figure out your DNA results can be hard.  Emotionally stressful as you deal with many unknowns and road blocks.  I am here to help you.

My genetic genealogy journey began in 2009 when I discovered that my mother, who had passed 1 month prior, had given a child up 4 years before I was born.  To say that this turned my life upside down, was to say the very least.

It took me approximately a year to actually find my half brother.  I had little to go on, and had no DNA on file.  Although, this would not have helped me unless by chance he had tested.  I had hired a private investigator, but a few months later, I had no leads.  I decided to take on the search myself.  With some internet searches and some phone calls I was able to locate him.

We spoke on the phone and tried to fill in the missing pieces of what was the circumstances around his birth and who his birth father was. After a few years of no luck getting information through traditional means, asking family members, finding old high school friends, posting on local facebook groups, taking an ad out in a local newspaper (oh that got my mother’s home town talking, but no one knew who the father was)…. I decided that it was time to get our dna tested.

It was through AncestryDNA (Autosomal testing) that I was able to pin point the exact family branch that my brother’s father belonged to.  After locating my brother’s paternal family, I began to get contacted from other various cousins who were also adopted.  Using the same sorting process and mirror tree building, I was able to help them identify their bio family as well.

It was then that I decided that this work was a calling for me.  Helping adoptees find their bio families through DNA is the mission of my work.  The answers are not always solved.  The outcomes are not always happy.  But getting adoptees closer to closure is what I strive for.

I have been a search angel for over 7 years and have helped hundreds of adoptees to varying degrees.  Whether that was just helping them sort their DNA matches, help determine possible relationships between them and their matches, building mirror trees of their relatives, to eventually determining who their bio parents are.

I’m happy you have chosen me help you.  I have different levels of help that I can offer you.  Let’s sit down and discuss what is right for you. Check out the different services I offer here:


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