The first step in finding your birth parents is to have your DNA on file with a DNA database.  There are several companies out there.  Some of them have different types of testing.  The type that I highly recommend is autosomal DNA testing.  This type of test will allow you to explore both sides of your family, maternal and paternal.

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The largest DNA database is AncestryDNA.  This is where I primarily work with my clients.  We may use other dna websites as resources, but since AncestryDNA is the “big dogs” in this field, I recommend all of my clients at least have their DNA here.

Another recommendation is to download your raw DNA from AncestryDNA and upload it to a 3rd party website called  This website is a self opt-in depository of thousands of individual’s DNA.  It is free to create an account and upload your DNA.  From there you can run all sorts of tools on your DNA.  There is also an option to opt-in to allow your DNA be used to help solve violent crimes.

Here is a list of different places you can submit your DNA for testing:

  • AncestryDNA (autosomal DNA)
  • 23 and Me (has an option to get genetic health information as well as ancestry)
  • FamilyTreeDNA – has options for 3 different testing:
    • Y-DNA (Male specific test-to discover paternal heritage)
    • Autosomal aka Family Finder (Male & Female test-to discover your heritage origins)
    • mtDNA (Male & Female test-to discover your maternal heritage)

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