Making the decision to find your birth family can be daunting.  And DNA can be confusing.  It can seem like you are reading a foreign language.  I am here to help you every step of the way.  Whether you want to do it yourself with my guidance or you just need me it do all the work, I have a solution.  I am paid by the hour for my time.  Results are not guaranteed as  there is no way of knowing how what road blocks we may encounter, or how cooperative family members will be.  But I promise to be transparent with you the entire process.

Sorting your DNA Matches

The first step to locating a birth family is to sort your DNA matches.  This can be difficult or overwhelming if you don’t know any of your matches.  I can sort your matches in your AncestryDNA account and group them to help you begin your maternal and paternal search.  You will need to you have your DNA on file with AncestryDNA.  This is the largest database of DNA samples.  If you do not have your DNA on file, you can purchase a kit here.


Creating Mirror Tree

The next step in locating unknown birth parents is to create a mirror tree of one of your unknown relations that is showing up as a dna match.  This can be time intensive process.  I have created hundreds of mirror trees for clients, and have access to records from databases across the globe. Having a mirror tree will help you identify branches of your relations’ trees where your unknown birth parent may come from.


Identify and Locate Unknown Birth Parents

You have a potential name of your birth parent or parents.  Now what? Locating parents can be difficult as well, depending on the age of the person and how much public record information is out there on them.  I have helped locate numerous parents with little to no information to start with.


Do It Yourself

So you are excited to get started, and want to learn how to be a genetic genealogist for yourself? I have helped numerous adoptees get on the right path and come back to me as needed.  This service is priced at an an hour one-on-one appointment via zoom conferencing.  Then is priced in 15 minutes sessions there after.  This process typically takes longer for you but in the long run could be a more affordable option.